We are driven by music, passionate about theatre, immersed in art and obsessed with the media!

We are Muses!

From the ancients Greeks who believed in nine goddesses that represented the arts, we derive our name and company belief.

Over the past two decades, we have been exploring the various forms of art and presenting them on a superior platform, to a wider audience, creating not just spectacles but memories that last through time.

From our early days we've taken some of India's finest talent overseas to enthrall audiences and leave them asking for more. Be it music or theatre, comedy or drama, ads or corporate films, we live for the stage and the sheer adrenalin rush of “lights camera action”.

We combine creativity with experience and logic with innovation to give audiences and clients that much needed “oomph” factor! There's always something brewing in our minds and we possess the zeal and determination to see it through.

This brief tour will surely give you a glimpse of our work to date but, as the old adage goes; the best is yet to come!